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How can I set limits?

ParlayPlay is committed to ensuring that you participate in a safe and responsible manner

Player limits help you manage your play in a responsible and healthy manner. You can change your limits at any time on the My Account page by clicking on My Settings. You have the ability to set the following limits:

  • Deposit Limit - per day
  • Deposit Limit - per week
  • Deposit Limit - per month
  • Contest Entries - per day
  • Contest Entries - per week
  • Contest Entries - per month
  • Entry Amount - per day
  • Entry Amount - per week
  • Entry Amount - per month

You can also take a break and request a timeout by contacting us at support@parlayplay.io. Self exclusion allows you to disable your account for an extended period of time. During this time you will not be able to access or login to ParlayPlay.