How does ParlayPlay Rumble work?

Compete against others in our new Peer-to-Peer gametype

Welcome to ParlayPlay Rumble, a peer-to-peer daily fantasy sports game where you can compete against other users to win cash prizes!

How to Play
To get started, create an entry with 2-9 players and predict whether each player will surpass or fall short of their statistical projection. 

Your entry will be submitted into a pool of 25-100 contests, where you'll compete against other ParlayPlay users to achieve the highest Target Score. You can keep track of your pool's leaderboard by selecting "View Leaderboard" on your contest entry slip in the My Entries section of the app.

Scoring is based on the accuracy of your predictions. You can earn more points by adding more players to your contest and making higher difficulty predictions. The more correct predictions you make, the higher your Target Score. 

In ParlayPlay Rumble, there are two paths to winning a payout:

1. Perfect Lineup: If you get all of your lineup predictions correct, you’ll automatically win your contest's entry fee multiplied by your Target Score. This payout is guaranteed, regardless of other users’ performances in your pool.

2. Highest Score: Achieve the highest Score in your pool and win the Contest Prize*. The Prize will be determined based on your lineup entry fee and your Target Score.

*In the event of ties for first place, the Contest Prize will be divided evenly among the winners

Payout methods will not stack. If a user achieves both a Highest Score win and a Perfect Lineup Entry win, they will receive the highest of the two payouts.

Payout Timing
Perfect Lineup payouts typically process within 60 minutes of grading, while 1st place payouts are released after all contests in the pool are graded.

Pool Types
To ensure fair gameplay, ParlayPlay offers five pool types based on user experience and the entry Fee: 

- Bronze Pools: $1 Prize, for our new users exploring the platform.

- Silver Pools $5 Extra Prize:  $1-$5 lineup entry fee. These contests are Beginner Only and therefore not available for our advanced users.

- Gold Pools: $10 Extra Prize. Can be entered for a $5-$20 Entry Fee. 

- Platinum Pools: $25 Extra Prize. Can be entered for a $20-$50 Entry Fee. 

- Diamond Pools: $50 Extra Prize. Can be entered for a >$50 Entry Fee. 

Unless otherwise listed, the extra prizes are awarded in Promo Funds.


*ParlayPlay Rumble is currently live in Alabama, Kansas, West Virginia, and Wyoming.