Two-factor authentication for Withdrawal

Withdrawal Verification

In order to increase the security for our users and their accounts, we have updated the app. Every time you request a withdrawal, you get send a text message to the phone number used when you signed up. If you want to update your phone number, we need a proof of ownership of both the old and new number.

Examples of proof of ownership:

  • Documents that display your full name and number
  • A phone bill that includes your name and number (electronic or paper bill)
  • A service provider dashboard screenshot showing your account information with your full name shown as the phone number's owner along with the complete phone number
  • Any proof that you own the OLD number at the time of signup with your name and number shown

Additional documents needed for those phone number under a different name:

  • A phone bill that includes the account holder's name and number (electronic or paper bill)
  • Valid ID
  • Selfie picture of you holding your ID