What happens if a match is not completed?

The rules for this will depend on the sport

Generally, if a match is not completed, any entries on this event will be cancelled and refunded. Some examples for this are baseball games that are rained out or eSports games where a team forfeits/surrenders without playing all the required maps. 

If a contest is placed on a part of the game (i.e. H1) and the entire match period has been fully completed, then the contest will remain valid.

In some instances, a league will still officially recognize the outcome of a game. ParlayPlay reserves the sole discretion to determine whether contests on these games will be voided or settled.

For eSports, irrespective of the official league designation, a best of 3 contest requires a minimum of 2 maps to be played for a match to be considered completed. For a best of 5 contest, a minimum of 3 maps is required.